Reid Coleman Has Jokes

Love this guy. Reid is a salt of the earth kind of person. I really enjoy being his side guy. Took us down a LONG gravel road to a bar full of good people that didn’t mind my pedal steel at all. Fun night all around. Looking forward to returning to Nickel Valley Resorts. I recommend a night in a cabin and hanging with the locals that drive in on side-by-sides.

Malabar Farm Halloween

We packed a cooler and visited the petting zoo! Back at the Malabar Farm Barn Square Dance for Halloween with family in the minivan! I may have done the Electric Slide during my break. #gettingdownonthefarm #backporchswingband

Trick or Beer?

If the village wants you to play in the parking lot for Trick-or-Treat why not dress up like a guy that’s getting a giant mug of beer after the show! #commodorebank #millersport #buckeyelakebrewery