Muskingum Valley Country Music Hall of Fame

I told Jessica one morning last week that I really wished I could go to Hall of Fame day, but I didn’t think there was any way to make it happen…She made it happen, practically forced it, because she loves me. She treated going to Roger’s Auction Barn like it was more important than going to the Ryman Auditorium. That reason and so many more, are why she’s my kind of crazy.

Char taking photos with his G-Lo

Posted by Jessica Spires on Sunday, October 13, 2019

Josh Turner Live in Troy, OH – Hobart Arena

David Spires, Shawn Bailey, Justin Weaver, Josh Turner
Photo Credit: Angie Klaiss

O-H-I-O my birth state. Great show and lots of old friends.

David Spires, Shawn Bailey, Justin Weaver, Josh Turner, John Shaw, Chris Autry
Photo Credit: Angie Klaiss

Another short video from Josh Turner concert at Hobart Arena last night. Very enjoyable evening!

Posted by Jr Page on Friday, October 11, 2019

Healing at the Ryman

Charlie’s first night at the Ryman. His little eyes were lit up seeing what I see when I play… Precious time. Time that has never meant more to me after the past few weeks. Therapeutic return in the Mother Church of Country Music. A tribute.

Charlie Turns Five

Happy 5th Birthday Charlie! What an absolute joy being your father. I can’t believe there was a time you weren’t here. Maybe you always have been, and you were just waiting on me to get it together enough to be your Dad .

Josh Turner’s Crew Bus in Fatal Accident

I am absolutely touched beyond words at the outpouring of concern and love we have received from the crew bus’s accident.

Artists, sidemen, friends, people from every walk of life have reached out to us all – to share their shock and support.

Our crew are going through a horrible experience, and one of them didn’t make it. Horrible.

Families have been changed forever. It will be a long road to normalcy for most of our guys. Keep them in your thoughts. Donate to their families if you can. Most of all, love each other. Life is far too short to waste doing anything else.

Rest In Peace, David Turner.

Remain positive and be as strong as you’ve been. There will be better days ahead:

Brad Dratnol
Riq Lazarus
Jim Mayo
John Dauphinee
JT Lambert
Carl Hardin
Jed Downing

My wife is my rock, my sweet solace. Jessica, thank you for your counsel and your loving heart. Can’t wait to get home to you.

Thank you all so very much.