Asher Lap Steels

Happy 8th Anniversary to my Asher Electro Hawaiian Jr lap steel! Bill Asher and his team do great work on these. I’ve put mine through pickup upgrades, tuner replacements (from being knocked off a stand in Switzerland), and road rash from a bus accident… His “belly bar” system, to be able to wear and play it like a Dobro is a must-have for show performance. Check out:

My New MSA Pedal Steel Guitar!

Pedal Steels are a rare commodity. I’ve spent 36 years playing them, had 3, but only bought one for myself – 21 years ago. I’m lucky to have a loving wife who indulged me this custom amazing instrument. I longed for an instrument of the finest craftsmanship, mechanical ability and repeatability, and capable of the tones I want to make. Art is subjective, but for this artist, I couldn’t be happier with my new brush. I can’t wait to get to know her better. Thank you Kyle, Mitchell, and the whole MSA Steel Guitars team. It was worth every penny and day waited.

MSA Steel Guitars Family

My Dad would never believe I would be here at MSA Steel Guitars ordering my first Steel Guitar in nearly 20 years, coming full circle to his 1977 Classic that I still enjoy.

The machining tolerances, the design work, and the passion they put in these guitars is incredible. It’s modern in the right ways, but also beautiful. I can’t wait to sit down to my own, and be inspired to create the music I want to make.

Thank you for making the time for me, Kyle!