Hebron Pie Festival w/ Mike Nelson

When asked to play this gig there was no hesitation. I love PIE!
Great community event in the historic village center of Hebron. Delicious pie, live music, and pie events and activities! 2nd annual.
A wonderful way to enjoy old fashion traditions and entertainment while supporting local vendors and businesses. The proceeds from the event support this year’s applicant beneficiary, Lakewood Education Foundation. LEF supports Lakewood Local School students to help prepare them for life after high school, whether that is through entering the workforce, trade school, or college. Thanks for having me!

Gig Crasher

I love slushie margaritas and my wife won’t let me spend 4k on my own machine for the kitchen. I go to Papa Boo’s as many days a year as I can and drink slushie margaritas. Rese and Kevin had a gig so I figured I would crash it and drink a few slushie margaritas. Great decision. #gigcrasher

“David Spires & Friends”!

I am so grateful to everyone who has come out to see and hear, “David Spires & Friends” at The Boatyard! It started with Dave Moran asking me to stop over and chat about an idea, and it’s come together because great friends have shown up to share their talents. We have one more scheduled – this Thursday night (3/10), featuring Howard Everitt, Cat Everitt, and Kevin Gorham! They will be a treat!

Here are a few pictures of the talent we’ve brought together – scheduled & unscheduled! Thank you: Todd Emrick, Reid Coleman, Mike Nelson, Randy Goin, Rese Jhordan, Shawna Corder, Vince Trocchia, and Matt Frampton!

Thank you Boatyard, Heidelberg Distributing, White Claw, and most of all – thanks to everyone who have shown up to support us. I appreciate you!

How many instruments do I need??? Sounding great Matt Frampton!
Matt Frampton & I
Shawna Corder knows how to bring the party!
Reid Coleman & Randy Goin
Rese Jhordan sharing his talent!
Randy Goin and I
The ladies make us look more tolerable!
Cute fans!
Todd Emrick & I

“You’re The Love I Couldn’t Dream Of”

New Music! I can’t believe this is my 4th single I’ve released in less than 12 weeks. It’s been exciting to put myself out there, and I appreciate everyone who has taken the time to listen.

“You’re The Love I Couldn’t Dream Of” tries to capture where I was when I fell in love with Jessica:

Broke, nearly broken, probably unworthy, and unable to even dream of a woman that could love me as she does.

She helps me, loves me, likes me, inspires me, sets an example for me, makes time to be creative, gives me truth (even when it’s hard to hear), and holds me accountable to be the man I want to see in the mirror. 11 years now, and I fall in love with her every day.


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