“You’re The Love I Couldn’t Dream Of”

New Music! I can’t believe this is my 4th single I’ve released in less than 12 weeks. It’s been exciting to put myself out there, and I appreciate everyone who has taken the time to listen.

“You’re The Love I Couldn’t Dream Of” tries to capture where I was when I fell in love with Jessica:

Broke, nearly broken, probably unworthy, and unable to even dream of a woman that could love me as she does.

She helps me, loves me, likes me, inspires me, sets an example for me, makes time to be creative, gives me truth (even when it’s hard to hear), and holds me accountable to be the man I want to see in the mirror. 11 years now, and I fall in love with her every day.


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“Benny The Bass” is the BLRCC Winterfest Theme Song!

What an honor – to be asked to write a theme song for Buckeye Lake’s Winterfest! Let’s cheer Benny on this Saturday, January 29th, when I hope he brings us an early Spring!

Find all of the official information about Winterfest here!





Happy New Year!

New year = more new music! The “Lake Life” and boat-floating theme continues. Local legend, Howard Everitt brought his trumpet down to North Bank Songs and gave this song just what it needed.

“What Floats Your Boat”: Whatever you’re lookin’ for, I hope you find it! (Cover art features Charlie Spires. He certainly does float my boat!)



Also on Apple Music and iTunes! Please listen, buy, like, and share. Your support means everything to a local artist!

Release Day!!!!

“Lake Life”!
I’ve been a part of so many single releases over the years. It’s always an exciting time, but this is special for me. I wrote it, sang it, played it, recorded it. Now, it’s out in the world! I hope you get some happiness out of this song, and crank it up the next time you head to the lake!

You can buy it on iTunes, or stream it wherever you listen to your music:


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“Lake Life” – My FIRST single available 11/26!

Enjoying Buckeye Lake with my family and friends inspired me to write this fun little lake song, and let me give a shout-out to my favorite watering holes along the way.

Friday, you’ll be able to find it wherever you listen to music: Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, etc. I hope you get a smile out of “Lake Life”!

A Salute to Our Veterans

Shawna Corder asked me to help finish a song she started, inspired by a friend in the military. We recorded it this week, and then played it on T-100.3 hd Radio live in the studio. So much fun hanging with Wild Walley! If you enjoy the recorded version here on YouTube, please consider donating to one of the highly rated groups we mention there.